What is Angular Cheilitis?

What is Angular Cheilitis?

Have you ever had situation where one or both corners of your mouth are red, maybe cracked and dry? It just goes on and on, and no matter what you do, and no matter what you try, it won’t go away.

Well, I hate to inform you that this is called angular cheilitis, and this is characterized by small bumps in the cracks and corners of your mouth. You might see it starting out as an itchy scab, or soreness or pain in the areas of your mouth that are exposed to the most moisture.

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What happens in people who develop angular cheilitis is that over a period of a few weeks to a few months, your lips might begin to feel extremely dry.

Dealing with dry lips is extremely frustrating, and what most people do is start to lick their lips to give them some moisture (especially men who don’t want to apply chap stick or some type of protective lip gloss), and this will begin the vicious cycle that occurs repeatedly between dryness and saliva.

This is usually more harmful to you than it is helpful, because the bacteria or yeast in your saliva is the trigger for the cracks! The more you lick your lips, the more saliva you have building up in the corners of your mouth.

The culprit that is responsible for angular cheilitis is a type of fungus called candida, the same yeast that causes diaper rash in babies!

This type of yeast will feed off the glucose in your body, and therefore, people with diabetes are more susceptible to developing angular cheilitis. Another of the biggest reasons that people will develop this form of cheilitis is a vitamin deficiency.

Angular cheilitis is also known as cheilosis and/or angular stomatitis, “stoma” meaning an opening in the body, and “itis” meaning inflammation. It can be a type of atopic eczema that along with this condition affects the skin around the lips.

This leads to painful cracks, most often in the corners of the mouth, and in the more severe cases the cracks can become inflamed and even start to bleed.  Sometimes, infections develop inside those cracks which can make normal everyday actions like talking, eating, or otherwise using your mouth a painful nightmare to endure!

For the most part, there are accumulative factors which can lead to this condition becoming much more painful for those suffering. Probably the single most damaging factor is the presence of moisture inside the mouth folds.

This moisture allows the accumulation of bacteria which will eventually lead to irritation and even infection. Also, shallow lacerations can be very troublesome, appearing most often in more severe cases such as these, and can start to develop across the lips if they are not taken care of quickly and properly.

You can try and try, but the basic premise of angular cheilitis is that it is a fungal infection, and needs to be treated as such. That’s why Jason White’s Angular Cheilitis Free Forever cure is the best way to cure it forever—literally cure the problem instead of treat it for months on end.

You can try all those other anti-fungal medications and ointments, but nothing will work like this 100% all natural and chemical free treatment plan that Mr. White has developed. He spent years suffering from angular cheilitis, embarrassed at how his mouth and lips would crack and bleed.

He tried all the methods of treatment out there, and nothing seemed to work, because he was only treating the topical symptoms, not the root cause of the problem which was a vitamin deficiency. He discovered a method that works only after a couple of applications.

Only two applications, and you already look blemish free! For all those who have suffered for years like Jason, why wait any longer?  Try his Angular Cheilitis Free Forever cure today, and never look back at your old life! Never see those ugly and embarrassing bumps and cracks again!

Remember that nothing works the same for everyone. Sometimes people need different levels of treatment than other people. Remember that I said some people have underlying causes of angular cheilitis, and you must treat the reason before you can begin to heal it.

If you follow the methods I’ve listed above, you will be on your way to beautiful, clear lips in no time!

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