Angular Cheilitis Free Forever

Angular Cheilitis Free Forever

If you suffer from the embarrassment and pain of angular cheilitis you are not alone! Approximately 35% of the population across the world are suffering along with you!

Some individuals are more likely to develop angular cheilitis, and these include those with dentures or braces, babies, children who suck their thumb or frequently use a pacifier for extended periods of time, people of any age who salivate excessively, or older folks who have many little wrinkles in the corners of their mouth.

Angular cheilitis is also known as cheilosis and/or angular stomatitis (“stoma” meaning an opening in the body, and “itis” meaning inflammation).It can be a type of atopic eczema which affects the skin around the lips,causing painful cracks, usually in the corners of the mouth.

In severe cases, the cracks can become red, irritated and begin to bleed.  Occasionally, infections develop inside these cracks, which creates a very painful situation whenever you use your mouth—smiling, eating, drinking, and even talking.

For the most part there are accumulative factors which can lead up to this condition becoming much more painful for those suffering. Moisture inside the folds of the mouth can be the single most damaging factor leading to this condition.

Saliva and moisture contain bacteria and the accumulation.This moisture allows the accumulation of bacteria which can eventually lead to further irritation and then infection. Also, shallow lacerations can be very troublesome, appearing most often in more severe cases such as these, and can start to develop across the lips if they are not taken care of quickly and properly.

What angular cheilitis (“angular” – angles; “cheil” – lip; “itis” – inflammation) feels like inside your body is almost trivial compared to what you think it looks like on your face, and what you feel people are staring at every time you speak.

You feel the weight of your loved ones or friend’s eyes zeroing in on your mouth, and as much as you try to keep your mouth hidden from view, it is just not possible to walk around with a scarf or mask over your face all day long!

You have probably also even tried every makeup application known to man to camouflage and disguise these spots, and/or used tons of cover-up liquid foundation on the bumps and white spots in the corners of your mouth to no avail.

While this usually makes it worse, and gives you the appearance of caked on makeup which usually will draw more attention to the areas you want to hide, some people have had success with lighter forms of make-up applications such as airbrush foundation applicators.Eventually though, you wipe the makeup off and try to start over, only to feel such helplessness and despair at how you look,and become so frustrated and angry.

You feel like all your friends or co-workers can do is stare directly at these huge and obvious bumps or cracks in the corners of your mouth!

It is distracting, it is painful, and it is definitely ruining your social life. Who wants a boyfriend or girlfriend with these weird bumps on their mouth? And what if this is contagious? It is not, but how can you explain that to someone 10 feet away from you? Some people even think you might have herpes! It is not.

However, you feel like there’s no way they would feel comfortable being close with someone with these sores on their faces! Some people might think you have permanent cold sores or breakouts on your face. This problem is ruining your life, and you need help NOW!

The problem is, you feel like there’s no way you can possibly fix this problem on your own. You have probably tried every over-the-counter treatment you can find, but because everything you’ve tried just dries out your face even more, you’ve given up!

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You might even start to feel dirty, or like maybe this is all your fault.Well, I’ll tell you one thing, it kind of is your fault, but not in the way you think. Sometimes angular cheilitis has developed from a medical condition like anemia, or the eczema I mentioned above, certain blood cancers, and even diabetes. These medical conditions will exasperate the base cause of cheilitis, which is excessive saliva buildup in the corners of your mouth.

But really, all you need to do is look up Angular Cheilitis Free Forever! The author, Jason White, has suffered for years with this embarrassing problem. He tired many different treatments and doctor-prescribed methods to get rid of his cheilitis for good, but none of them ever were successful beyond a few months.

He finally got so sick of dealing with the problem he figured out a way to cure angular cheilitis forever. With simple, natural methods,you will literally cure your angular cheilitis in hours! So many people are raving that he has saved their lives, simply because this problem is so harmful to your personal image.

What happens in people who develop angular cheilitis is that over a period of a few weeks to a few months, your lips might begin to feel extremely dry.

Dealing with dry lips is extremely frustrating, and what most people do is start to lick their lips to give them some moisture (especially men who don’t want to apply chap stick or some type of protective lip gloss), and this will begin the vicious cycle that occurs repeatedly between dryness and saliva. This is usually more harmful to you than it is helpful.

The more you lick your lips, the more saliva you have building up in the corners of your mouth, and the bacteria in your saliva is the culprit to blame. The fungus that is responsible for angular cheilitis is called candida, the same yeast that causes diaper rash in babies!

This type of yeast will feed off the glucose in your body, and therefore, people with diabetes are more susceptible to developing angular cheilitis.  Another of the biggest reasons that people will develop this form of cheilitis is a vitamin deficiency, specifically, vitamin B12, which is responsible for enriching your red blood cells and carrying vital nutrients to your body and improving your overall health.

While it is not directly responsible for promoting angular cheilitis, it is responsible for healing sores of the mouth. Therefore, when you are deficient in this certain vitamin, you will take longer to heal when you do develop a sore or bump in your mouth

What you can do in this situation is to go directly to your local health store and purchase vitamin B complex supplement to be taken every day.

Now thus is the first step to clearing up your angular cheilitis.  However, when you sleep with your mouth open, saliva accumulates in the cracks of your mouth, so this is difficult to eliminate because you are sleeping and don’t know when you’re doing it!

A trick I have learned is to sleep on my side,and place a towel or other absorbent material directly under my cheek and mouth area, which will soak up any drool I might expel during the night.

This at least keeps the saliva from collecting in the corner of my mouth and causing a bigger infection. This will be a yeast infection, which we all know loves to live in dry and very moist, dark areas. Your mouth is perfect for that.

Apart from the surface of your mouth and lips, moisture from inside the corners of the mouth and its folds, and poor nutrition is also a factor which can trigger this condition. If you are deficient in iron, zinc, and riboflavin in your diet,this could impair your ability to effectively combat any kind of infection.

Chapped lips, which are caused by repeatedly licking them, can easily turn into an angular cheilitis, especially if you live in an area that is hot and humid or cold.In cold weather, you are advised not to lick your lips because this will not bring relief to the dryness, but will more likely make the condition worse.

Saliva does not provide moisture to the lips,but rather dries it out as the moisture evaporates, leaving a film which will only increase the sensation of dryness once it dries. With it comes an increased risk of infection because saliva contains a lot of bacteria, some of which can be harmful.Children and the elderly are more likely to develop angular cheilitis as their skin is more sensitive to heat and cold.

What you can also do is forget about home treatments or methods that haven’t been tried for a long enough trial period to determine if they are safe. All you need to do is to try Angular Cheilitis Free Forever. After you try the methods for the first time, you will see why everyone is raving about this “miracle cure.” People trying it literally see results after the first time, and they never look back!

Another tip some people have figured out is that if you can treat the wrinkles and marionette lines that older people seem to develop over time, this will greatly decrease the episodes of angular cheilitis you might experience. For example, following a proper skin care regimen and taking care of the biggest organ of your body (your skin) will go a long way to reducing the fine lines and wrinkles, and the infections that will begin in them.

You know that when you produce saliva, it will begin building up in the corners of your mouth, and this is when you begin to see the infection start. You might think, “hey, it is just a blister cracking and it is no big deal,” but then you notice that it does not go away, and will start to spread to other parts of your mouth.

What you can try to do is keep those bumps and cracks as dry as possible, such as having a Kleenex handy to sop up the excess saliva in the corners. This will go a long way to stop the spread of the infection for you.

Angular cheilitis is something that requires you to drink tons of water. All the time. Water, water, water. Also, when you do drink water or other beverages, it might help to drink them through a straw because when you drink from a glass you might notice moisture collecting in the corners of your mouth.

Of the many types of remedies out there, most of them require a topical cream or ointment to be applied throughout the day for weeks and weeks. Who in the world has time for that? It would be a full-time job just trying to manage your symptoms!

The problem is,angular cheilitis is a type of yeast infection, and you need an antifungal cream to cure the infection itself. Relatively cheap, you can purchase over-the-counter types and try them, but you might notice that you have to constantly apply them, and it is really bad for you! The dryness, the cracking, all becomes worse, and you’re not really curing the problem from the inside. You are just treating the symptoms.

Wouldn’t you love to finally be rid of Angular Cheilitis FOREVER?

Some people say they could never cure angular cheilitis, but contrarily to their predictions, it can be cured easily and permanently in only a few hours! All you need to do is look up Angular Cheilitis Free Forever and follow this easy, simple-to-use program developed specifically to rid you of this embarrassing and irritating problem forever!

You will simply watch your angular cheilitis disappear for good! If you follow the ideas author Jason White has provided, you will see it is very easy and it will heal extremely fast; it really is not that hard to get rid of!

No longer do you have to suffer every day with these embarrassing and ugly bumps on your mouth. You don’t have to worry anymore if people think you have a sexually transmitted disease or other medical condition.

No longer will you have painful, oozing blisters or sores in the corners of your mouth. Wouldn’t you give just about anything to walk out in public and smile without worrying if people were looking at the sores on your mouth?

With the treatment Jason White has developed, in just hours you could be walking out and brightly smiling without the anxiety or apprehension you used to experience.

You will notice people looking you in the eyes when speaking to you, no longer distracted by the huge bumps in the corners of your mouth. Why would you wait any longer? The answer is waiting for you right now at: Angular Cheilitis Free Forever. Order your copy today and live life angular cheilitis free forever!

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